GMR Street Team

You own every Glass Mountain Records album, you’ve got the 10th Anniversary tee-shirt, you are a DIY warrior. You believe in GMR’s philosophy of creating fiercely independent music, and you want to help.

A great way to help is to lead or join a Street Team. Street Team members use word-of-mouth and social media to get the word out in their local community. They help build buzz about upcoming album and music video releases, get the word out about local shows, and spread the DIY work ethic wherever they tread.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we have had to temporarily suspend our street team activities out of concern for the health and safety of everyone. We hope to be back soon.

In the meantime, here’s what you can do to help spread the word:

• Add or “Like” Tori Sparks and share her music with your friends via social media. She’s all over Facebook, TwitterReverbNation, Instagram. Create a FB page or other fan site to connect with fans of Tori Sparks and to spread the word to new ones. Recommendations from someone you trust goes much further than an advertisement.
• Call or email your local radio stations and request that they play songs from Tori’s albums.
.• Write reviews of Tori’s albums and shows for a local/college paper or blog, or email your favorite music magazine to suggest they do the same.
• Play a Tori Sparks album between artists at a local concert, or in the background at your place of employment (retail store, coffeehouse, club, bar, book store, etc.)
• Maybe your old college roommate books a music festival in California these days. Recommend that s/he listen to Tori’s music and considers her for the festival.
• Create your own music video to a Tori Sparks song and post it on YouTube , Vimeo, where ever you like. Please let us know so we can check it out too.
• Make a playlist of your favorite Tori songs on Spotify or Soundcloud, or add her music to your favorite mixes.
•  Host a house concert. For more information on how to host a house concert, click here. Contact us with your vision for the event, as well as an estimated number of attendees, and we’ll help you put it in motion! This is a unique opportunity to present one of your favorite artists in an intimate setting.

Click HERE to get in touch with any questions, well get back to you as soon as we can.