This Saturday, April 22nd, is the final presentation of El Mar Electric at the beautiful theater in Centre Cìvic Sant Pere — the show is sold out, as have been the other four shows in the BDC P23 spring concert cycle. Thanks to everyone who made these shows so truly special. Other upcoming concerts this spring include: Razzmatazz, opening for Eels on April 27th (sold out!), a show in the Casino de Andorra on May 13th, and more.

And one of Tori’s frequent musical collaborators, Joan Hernandez “Pichi,” and his band, Warmup, have released their first album. Tori lent a hand with the revision and translation of the lyrics in English, and is happy to see the album finally released. Congratulations, chicos!

New interviews! GMR founder Tori Sparks was featured in the podcast by Carlos Mol of Orpheo about the Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman, recently converted into a hit Netflix series. Orpheo also did an in-depth interview feature for their program “On the Record,” delving into the El Mar Electric project, and more from the last decade of Tori’s career.

Also, coming soon: La Llorona: El Documental. Right before the pandemic, director Marcel Llorens asked Tori to be a part of a documentary he was making about the song “La Llorona.” In fact, she was his first interview for the film, which ties past to present; historical movements to social upheavals plaguing Mexico today; and of course, it shows how music is inextricably entwined in every part of life in a way that is both personal and universal. All of this is contained within the iconic song that has moved so many over the centuries: “La Llorona.”

Llorens and his team are continuing to build this impressive project brick by brick, frame by frame, but the project is finally close to announcing a release date. Stay tuned — and in the meantime, check out the trailer.

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