The inauguration of the exposition “Altres Escenaris Possibles at CC Matas i Ramis on April 28th brought back all kinds of 2020 memories (the good kind)! 🎸 Thanks to everyone who came out to support this elaborate labor of love by journalist Nando Cruz and photographer Martí Fradera. The project documents the dozens and dozens of musical performances that occurred and continue to occur in nontraditional spaces before, during, and after the pandemic, all around the city of Barcelona. Tori Sparks was prominently featured thanks to her weekly Balcony Concert series in March through May of 2020.

Speaking of photos, if you missed the GMR-produced Barcelona in the Round VI concert at El Siglo theater (featuring songwriters Santos Puertas and Cece Giannotti), you can check out the chronicle by Bazar Show Magazine.

And don’t miss Tori Sparks interactive concert-slash-talk on the Evolution of American Jazz and Blues in collaboration with B the Travel Experience in Barcelona on June 8th! The show is just a taste of the info Tori will offer in a much bigger project in collaboration with El País Viajes in December 2022.

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