While things aren’t quite back to normal, a few summer and fall shows have popped up, including the #SalaBCN concert cycle and the closing ceremonies of the La CIBA tech week in Barcelona, “Quatre de Freques” concert cycle in Sant Andreu, Concerts & Picnic Festival in Sesgarrigues, “Noches en el Patio” in Monzón, Studio 23 Concerts in Tarragona, and others. (Including the official Record Store Day presentation of the limited-edition vinyl version of El Mar on July 17th, celebrating Tori’s 10-year anniversary in Barcelona!) All concert details are here  — see you on the road! 

In spite of that good news, we’re sorry to announce that other shows continue to fall through due to ongoing COVID health concerns. Tori and the band’s Festa Major d’Horta concert has been cancelled for a second year in a row, and their Germany 2021 Tour has been postponed until October 2022. Es tut uns leid, ho sentim (we’re very sorry), and hope to see you next year!

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