Announcing Tori Sparks’ latest collaboration with Metropolitan magazine: a monthly interview series called the Metropolitan Culture Corner in which Tori has one-on-one conversations with figures from the local, national, and international arts and culture scenes. Check out her introduction video, explaining how and why she came up with the idea for the series, as well as the first several installments featuring actor Lukas Peroš from the Netflix series Money Heist, award-winning author Carlos Zanon, musical icon Dani Nel.lo, and more. Stay tuned for a new MCC interview on the first Monday of every month!

And tune in this week for two online concerts: This Tuesday, November 3rd, Tori will perform an acoustic set from her home during the Democrats Abroad Election Night event (1am CET). This coming Sunday, November 8th (11am CET), don’t miss the live broadcast of Tori and the band’s Barcelona International Jazz Festival performance. Though the venue on Sunday will unfortunately be closed to the public due to coronavirus prevention restrictions, the entire show will be streamed from the Palau Robert in real time. Click here to watch.

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