In response to the quarantine and its impact on the musicians in her community, Tori Sparks and Glass Mountain Records are spearheading a compilation album Amor en los Tiempos de Cuarentena (“Love in a Time of Quarantine”).

Featuring songs by various artists of different musical styles, each one affected by the cancellations of concerts due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Our aim is to generate awareness of the urgent situation in which many artists find themselves since the spread of the coronavirus – and to offer you a way to help some of them, via the crowdfunding campaign that she will launch this coming week. Including songs by Tori Sparks, Grammy nominees Luz Verde, beloved Argentine imports Che Sudaka, rock ’n’jazz legend Dani Nel.lo and The Mambo Jamno Arkestra, Euopean Blues Challenge winners A Contra Blues, Play for Change’s own Clarence Bekker, Ramon Aragall of Els Amics dels Arts, and Raynald Colom. Click here to support the project. The show must go on — and with your help, it will!

#BalconyConcerts: Every Saturday since the quarantine began, Tori has offered a free concert from her balcony to do what she can to uplift her neighborhood in these difficult times. She will continue to play each weekend until the quarantine ends, at 8pm immediately following the applause for the city’s health workers. If you don’t live in her barrio of Horta, don’t worry: Tori will also broadcast the shows live onInstagram and Facebook. (A short clip from this week’s concert is also on YouTube.) Reports on her “balcony concerts” have shown up in the press in the United States, Spain, Catalunya, even as far away as Thailand. Thanks to everyone who has tuned in, near or far — stay safe and take care.

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