To “ON” de El Periodico, the Voz Telurica’s list of their top videos of the month, Muzikalia’s songs of the week, RTVE’s Punts de Vista television report, and to every other media outlet that has announced the new record, thank you/merci/gracias! Constanti Radio even dedicated an entire program to the music of Tori Sparks this month. Tori, the band, and Glass Mountain Records appreciates all you guys have done to support this year, leading up to the album release, and all the years previous. Speaking of press, a big thank-you to Time Out Barcelona and its readers for voting freedom of speech movement No Callarem as the Best Cultural Initiative of 2018. This year has been an adventure, and we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings! Happy Holidays and the best of New Years’ to you and yours