Don’t miss the article about Tori Sparks and Glass Mountain Records’ first ten years together in the spring issue of Q by Quadis magazine.  And GMR is pleased to announce several very special concerts in April: On April 21st, Tori Sparks + Calamento + El Rubio will present a special in-store performance at independent record store Disco 100, in honor of Record Store Day 2018. The band will record a live video of their mini-concert, and champagne, wine, beer appetizers will be provided. Space is limited, doors open at 5pm. And on the 26th, Tori Sparks hosts her first official “Barcelona In the Round” concert, the first in a series of concerts that will take place throughout 2018, dates to be announced. The “in the round” format is typical of Nashville, but was wholly unknown to Barcelona until the Glass Mountain Records 10th Anniversary Concert this past October, when Carlos Mendoza and Alba Bioque joined Tori onstage. More information about the April 26th concert is here. Advance tickets are on sale now. All concert dates are online.