Announcing some very special events in February and March: In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Tori Sparks and the band will be participating in several concert cycles celebrating female artists. Today, February 12th Tori records a live set for Taquilla Inversa on L’H TV. March 11th, the band kicks of the series “Nosotras” (“Us,” feminine) in a vermut musical at Sagrades Tannines. On the 18th, Tori Sparks and DJ Reyes Torio present a doubleheader at Donzella de la Costa Club. On March 22nd, Tori and the guys appear for the first time in full band acoustic format, upright bass included, for the concert series Art en Femini. The concert is called “From Nashville to the Mediterranean: A Musical Journey” at L’Oncle Jack. See the article in newspaper El Periodico here.